Friday, April 7, 2017

Easter Eggs! Natural Looking Eggs!

I wanted to make some eggs that looked more like real eggs, spotted eggs.

Warning: these are not as easy to make as the eggs in the two previous posts, but still very do-able.
And I love love love they way they look!

Multi-color Textured Spray Paint (I used Rust-oleum Caribbean Sand)
Plastic eggs
Matte Mod Podge
Container to mix Mod Podge
Food Color (green, blue or both)
Paint brush (not shown)
Brown or gold paint
Old tooth brush (shown below)

The textured spray paint that I used knocked the plastic eggs all over the place. Oh my! I finally found a box to corral them and painted away. This takes some time. Oh, I used two cans of paint for a dozen eggs. Not an inexpensive project if you are on a budget. Next I mixed a drop of blue food color into a small amount of Mod Podge and painted a few eggs with it. Then I mixed in a drop of green food color into the blue mix, making an aqua color and painted more eggs. Now I had three slightly different colored eggs. 

Ready to put spots on them. I used some gold paint and some brown paint (not shown). Wet the toothbrush with water and dip into the paint, then take your finger and bend the loaded bristles, aim at the eggs and let go. Spots. Let them dry and do the other side.

Hope you make some!

Easter Eggs! Second - Antiqued Foil Wrapped Eggs!

Oh so easy foil wrapped eggs. You most likely have all that is needed on hand.

All you need is a little sheet of crumpled foil, eggs, glue and black paint or shoe polish. 

You can use whatever kind of glue you have on hand - I used Elmer's school glue. Plastic eggs were my choice, mainly because I doubt that I could blow out a real egg when I can't even blow-up a balloon! Tear a piece of foil and glue to the egg.Continue tearing and gluing until the egg is completely covered. Let it dry over night or at least 12 hours. Rub some black paint on the foil then wipe most of it off using a paper towel. Let dry. Tah dah!

Next time I may try some brown or gold paint to see how that looks.

Easter Eggs! First - Découpage Eggs!

All sorts of Easter Eggs...I'm sure you will find eggactly what you want, LOL. This will be the first of three Easter egg posts.

I started with inexpensive colored plastic eggs, the ones that come apart to fill with treats, because that is what I had on hand. 

Supplies needed:
Plastic eggs
Bamboo skewers
Scissors or garden clippers 
Emmry board
Mod Podge gloss (or use Elmers school glue and water it down  - half glue, half water then mix well)
Paper napkins (I found mine at the Dollar Store)
Scotch Brite
Matte white spray paint

First, cut off the little tab that holds the two sides of the egg together. Push the egg together and then sand off the rest of the tab using the emery board. Then rough-up the entire egg using the Scotch Brite. Stick the egg on a skewer and you are ready to paint it. After painting I stuck mine in some old Styrofoam to hold it upright while drying.

Or you can skip this step and use:

I found these Decorating Easter Eggs at Walmart...much later! Duh! Would have made this project so much easier!

Now take the napkins (or you could use tissue paper) and separate the layers of the napkins using only the top printed layer. Just cut-out or tear random pieces of paper and stick on the egg using a little Mod Podge to make it stick. Then use more Mod Podge to smooth it down. With this paper I like to use the writing as the background then cut-out little motifs to add last or not.

Let dry and coat again with the Mod Podge.

Aren't they great? They look so fragile, but don't break!

These have been all over the internet for years...finding the right paper makes them yours.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bunny Tea Pot

Getting ready for Easter? There are a lot of bunnies popping up around here. This one just makes me smile...

 And here is the top -

All you need are a few felt tip markers in Easter colors. Have fun being creative!